Phoenix Newborn Photography

My beautiful friend, Jenn, and her husband Mike recently had their third baby. Making them a family of five! And not only does she have the cutest kids, but she’s also an awesome photographer here in Phoenix (her site). Here are a few pictures of her new brood. I know I am biased, but I think two daughters and one son make for such an awesome combination!

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Max, our Halo dog

Almost two years ago we got our dog, Max, from Halo Animal Rescue. He was around 4 months old and sitting in a cage all by himself. All the dogs around him were barking and crying, but he sat there as quiet as can be. We did a meet and greet and played with him in a little room to see how he responded to the kids, and vice versa. He ran around to each of us, sniffed us out, took a giant poop, and that was it. We ended up taking him home and the rest is history.

Except that he ended up not being this sweet and quiet dog like the day that we met him. He instantly bonded with us, but us only. If you have seen the movie ‘Twilight’ where the werewolves imprint with others, that is how I would describe him. If you haven’t seen Twilight, then the best description is that he is obsessed with us. We are currently working on his social skills and he is slowly getting better. Eventually, we would like to get him a friend and companion. All and all, he is a great dog. He sleeps in our bed, hogs the covers, chews up our shoes, and is loved by the whole family. Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Max.


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Christmas sessions 2014


I apologize for the picture overload, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites from my Christmas sessions this year. I was so blessed this year with 22 family mini-sessions! I loved seeing familiar faces, and I loved meeting all the new people. Since I don’t like to do my mini-session all in one day and at once place (because only one or two families get the good light and every picture ends up looking the same) –  I traveled up the mountain a few times, visited a few homes, walked around downtown Phoenix, explored the botanical gardens, included the family pets, and got lost a couple times. It was a joy for me and I was honored that these families trusted me to take their pictures. Here are just a few (or more) of my favorites.

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Christmas 2014

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Indonesia. I feel blessed to have visited such a place, and enriched by the new friends that I made. The 8 days we had in South Sumatra seemed to fly by really fast, but the people we met will stay with me forever. While we were there we visited a few schools, a clinic, a couple of villages, many homes, the ocean, a sad zoo, and walked a few alley ways. Almost everyone we encountered had a smile to give. And they loved having their picture taken. I miss it already, but maybe one day I will make the visit again. Here is a collection of my favorite images from the trip.


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