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Five days {years} old

Five years ago today I laid in my hospital bed, with an EXTREME migraine and a scheduled c-section for 3:00pm the next day. I had pre-eclampsia so the nurses kept coming in to check my blood pressure. I was miserable, yet scared because the whole pregnancy was a big scare from day one. Starting with an IVF procedure that at first did not look promising, then look TWINS! Followed by a lot of bleeding, a couple of ER trips, weeks upon weeks of bed rest, blood and growth restriction in one twin, hydrotherapy and pool submerging twice a day, all topped with pre-eclampsia. So that night I was excited and ready to meet our twins, but so nervous at the same time. Then before 3:00pm could hit my water broke and before I knew it I was a mother to two beautiful babies. It’s been a long, exciting, exhausting and rewarding five years. I always imagined what they would look like and be like when they were five years old. And here they are. Five. Years. Old. And they are perfect. I never imagined my days could begin with helping my son search for his lost legos underneath the couch, or french braiding my daughters hair. It is perfect.


My first video  – I used my 5dmkii for the video and Final Cut Pro for the editing. And the song is a song we have listened to forever on the Noggin (Nick Jr.) channel since they were little. It’s called Five Day Old by The Laurie Berkner Band. The kids instantly start dancing when they hear it. And so do I.

Kat and Brody turn FIVE from Joanna Polling on Vimeo.

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Tay tay

A little more than five years ago I recall sitting at my desk at work and talking to my friend and co-worker, Rachael, about her newly discovered pregnancy. And about how excited she was and how excited I was too. And nervous at the same time (because pregnancy – at the time – did not come easily). Then two weeks later I got to share in her excitement as I announced my pregnancy. We were thrilled to be going through this together and to have our children be friends. And now….more than 5 years later I just can’t wrap my brain around the fact that her first born is FIVE years old. And that my two will follow suit in TWO days. How does time go by that fast? And can it please slow down?

I met up with Rachael and Taylor to get a few pictures to remember what 5-years-old looks like. And let me just say, her daddy will be beating the boys off with a stick in a few years. Taylor is beautiful inside and out. If we could go back in time 5 years and tell our newly pregnant selves that we would have these amazing kids, I don’t think we would ever have believed it. Now if the next five years could just slow down a little. I’m not ready yet to take Taylor’s 10 year old pictures, but I know that is just around the corner!

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And then they were four

I know this may be picture overload, but I recently met a super nice family and had a hard time narrowing down the pictures. I love that I get to meet new families and be a part of capturing their memories. These two little boys will have so much fun growing up together and their parents will have so much joy watching them walk through stages of life as brothers. Enjoy!

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