Chasing kids again

The last few months I have been working on some freelance and adult and business portraits. Not exactly fun, blog worthy stuff. So this weekend I’m so excited to do some children’s portraiture – my most favorite subject to shoot.¬†These two cute ones belong to my dear friend, Laura, and are best buds with my three kids. I brought my three along too and took a few of them as well. ¬†They had fun looking for groundhogs, snakes, and digging in the dirt. Here are just a few pictures from Thunderbird Park yesterday.

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Sick, rainy day

Enjoying this rainy day with colds, coughs, snacks and warm blankets!

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DJ Kat Kat

The other day when my son was out of the house and my little one was watching Dora, I let my ‘middle’ child play on my iPhone. This doesn’t happen too often so she was totally engrossed. She loves the games, but her favorite thing to do is go through my mp3’s and play songs. Except she doesn’t let the song play all the way through and she jumps from song to song. So it’s a little like hearing a DJ mix music. She can maneuver through that phone better than I can ;).

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Three weeks new

I have a special place in my heart for twins. And these twins totally captured my heart. As did their sweet, sweet golden. LOVED him and wanted to take all three home with me. I sure miss those beginning days, so it’s nice when I get an opportunity to hold a baby or two again. It goes so fast (too fast) so I hope I was able to capture a few moments in the life of three week old twins.

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