Arizona Science Center

This week we visited the Arizona Science Center for the first time. I was a little apprehensive that the kids wouldn’t get much out of it being so young, but they loved it. Their favorite parts – the monster stomach that pooped you out through the slide. And the gigantic telescope that projected your massive eye above. I’m so glad we got a membership for the year because it will be a fun thing to keep them busy this summer. Not to mention, a great learning experience (for me especially, science was never my strong point!). So much fun, we can’t wait to go back again. Here are a few pictures from our afternoon at the Science Center.

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Happy Easter!

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The Time I almost got arrested

Well, not really. But it sort of felt that way to me – someone who never makes waves or causes trouble. But for some reason, whenever I see a police officer I get this guilty and scared feeling like I did something wrong. In this case I went beyond barriers that were not suppose to be passed, and this officer let us know it! Anyway, despite that I love how these pictures came together and the spirit and joy that shines through this little fella. And the love he has for his mom. I’m pretty sure if my daughter met him she would immediately be his friend. Such a fun boy!

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Lil’ Urban boy

Last night I met up with this sweet little guy and his parents downtown. The last time I saw him was here. And even though he has grown some, he still has those beautiful blue eyes and adorable cheeks. And I just love the way his mama dresses him – perfect for a little urban shoot. Such a sweet lil’ guy – it’s fun to watch him grow!

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Chasing kids again

The last few months I have been working on some freelance and adult and business portraits. Not exactly fun, blog worthy stuff. So this weekend I’m so excited to do some children’s portraiture – my most favorite subject to shoot.¬†These two cute ones belong to my dear friend, Laura, and are best buds with my three kids. I brought my three along too and took a few of them as well. ¬†They had fun looking for groundhogs, snakes, and digging in the dirt. Here are just a few pictures from Thunderbird Park yesterday.

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