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Seattle, Washington 2013

I recently returned from a trip from Seattle and visiting my dear friend Lisa. It was two years ago the last time we went (pictures from my last trip here). This time it was warm, sunny and beautiful. Which is ironic, because it was raining in Phoenix while we were there. It was so much fun visiting some of the same sights, and some new sights as well. Like Friday Harbor, Deception Pass and Alki Beach. But my favorite place is Pike Place Market. I love everything about it – the millions of people roaming around, the smell of fish, fruit and flowers, the random pets walking their owners and the view of the Puget Sound. This time while we were at Pike Place, we got coffee in the original Starbucks and had clam chowder on Post Alley. And bought a beautiful bouquet of flowers for only $5. It’s always fun to visit new places, especially when you grow up in one place all your life. Seattle does not disappoint and I can’t wait to take the kids there some day. Here are some random pictures of our trip:


The ‘original’ Starbucks.

Goodbye Seattle…

Hello Phoenix!!

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112 degrees and Cholla

I enjoy shooting small families, but I’ve come to love shooting families plus their extended families. I love seeing grandparents, aunts and uncles dote on their new little addition.  This little guy is so lucky to have so many people love him. And I’m happy I was able to capture just a snippet of that love. We battled the hottest day of the summer and an encounter with a jumping cactus. But through it all they were trooopers. Here are just a few pictures of our time together.


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Beautiful addition

A beautiful new addition to a sweet family. And a farewell to Arizona as they find a new place to settle roots. Where ever they land they will have so much joy with these two kids (plus animals!). I am grateful I got to meet this family – the kind of people that just radiate kindness. Some pictures from our afternoon together.

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Brothers in Central Park, NY

One of my favorite places ever is Central Park. So I feel very fortunate to have been able to take some pictures there on my last trip. Here are two very energetic and cute brothers that I got to chase around the park for a short time. I can still smell the candied nuts and hear the sounds of people playing in the park…

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