112 degrees and Cholla

I enjoy shooting small families, but I’ve come to love shooting families plus their extended families. I love seeing grandparents, aunts and uncles dote on their new little addition.  This little guy is so lucky to have so many people love him. And I’m happy I was able to capture just a snippet of that love. We battled the hottest day of the summer and an encounter with a jumping cactus. But through it all they were trooopers. Here are just a few pictures of our time together.


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Beautiful addition

A beautiful new addition to a sweet family. And a farewell to Arizona as they find a new place to settle roots. Where ever they land they will have so much joy with these two kids (plus animals!). I am grateful I got to meet this family – the kind of people that just radiate kindness. Some pictures from our afternoon together.

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Brothers in Central Park, NY

One of my favorite places ever is Central Park. So I feel very fortunate to have been able to take some pictures there on my last trip. Here are two very energetic and cute brothers that I got to chase around the park for a short time. I can still smell the candied nuts and hear the sounds of people playing in the park…

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Carlsbad, California

Every summer we visit the beaches in California. And every summer I dread coming home. It’s such a fun vacation. There are no rules. The kids stay up late at night, they run around outside barefoot, they eat way more sugar than they should. No clocks, no schedules. Just fun. This year we spent our time at the beach, at Sea World, and at a beautiful home in Carlsbad. The kids learned how to play Wii for the first time. They had a late night glow stick party. They got to feed and pet dolphins. They rode their bikes on the boardwalk. They experienced vacation life. These are moments I never want to forget!

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NYC Apartment Living

While I was in New York I took some pictures of my friend Keith’s apartment. I am fascinated by the way people live in New York City. It’s so different from the cookie cutter houses here in Arizona. Where we have cactus, dust, and rocks on the outside. Tan walls and boring tile on the inside (my house!). In New York it’s so eclectic. The brownstones, the high rises, the little tiny apartments – they are old and have stories to them. And they are small. My friend’s pre-war apartment is around 550 sqft. But who needs that much space when you have the biggest and best park right outside your door. I loved his use of space, the way he had it decorated, and his art collection. I came home with a few ideas myself. Maybe my beige and boring cookie cutter house will get a NY update :).

My friend Keith on the left and his apartment view on the right.

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