Bathroom Light

Yesterday morning as I was getting ready in the bathroom my son Brody came in and started dancing around. I noticed that the light from the window was really pretty the way it was hitting his hair so I grabbed my camera to take a few shots (so ignore the disheveled hair and clothes. And bright orange crocs). He was so cute as he danced around and did a few of his robot moves for me. I’m pretty sure he didn’t learn his dance moves from me. Okay, maybe the robot moves. I think I can safely say that dancing is probably not in any of my children’s future. And as always, when one child does something the others must copy. So I took some pictures of my daughters as well. What was really cute to me was that Quinn, who is only 1.5 years old, tried to copy the other two with her poses. These kids crack me and keep me on my toes. Every single day.

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Dennis Bullock So cute!

Laura THEY ARE STINKIN’ CUTE!!!! CUTE CUTE CUTE! Um, I think Brody gets his dance moves from you. Just sayin. :)

Vicki Love Brody’s Robot and the sisters shots are just precious!

Jill Velicer it is a great spot! lol The girls are sooooo cute – and Brody’s robot is hilarious! Doesn’t it feel like your family is PERFECT! I feel that way about our 3!

Rachael Schepemaker Love the robot move! Your bathroom is super clean. I would be too embarassed to show you mine :-)

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