Ringing in the New Year 2011

I’d like to say we spent our New Years Eve with some fine dining and a fancy champagne toast at midnight. But alas it consisted of a home showing of Despicable Me, an hour of play outside (in the freezing cold) and a brief fireworks display with our neighbors (which may or may not have been legal  – we are still not sure). I wouldn’t have it any other way though. I love watching my kids laugh and play and building memories. This will be the year they got to play outside after bedtime and shoot off fireworks with their best buddies.

I am looking forward to a new year and I’m hoping and praying that 2011 is a good one. The kind that you remember forever and match all the other years against. 2010 has been a painful year as it was the first year that had to go one without my sister Stephanie. She died in October 2009. Every day in 2010 has been a day that I wake up and remember she is not here. And every day has been a new day that we had to build memories without her. It doesn’t seem possible to me that a whole year has passed without her here. So I can only pray that this new year, and the years following, will be a year of fun memories and happy times until we see her again.

I am contemplating of doing the ‘picture a day’ this year. I started it last year and made it more than half-way through and I really do enjoy looking back at those pictures. I follow the photographer, Erin Cobb (link here), and really like how she does her ‘One Frame A Day” and prints it into a blurb book. So I may or may not do this (I’m afraid to commit – ha ha). But to be on the safe side I made sure to take some pictures today and start it off on the right foot.

Happy 2011!

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Laura Um, it is legal to purchase fireworks in Arizona, but it is totally illegally to set them off. Yeah girl, your neighbors were engaging in misdemeanor activity; punishable by a fine and possible jail time pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes. OKAY! :) Happy New Year. Looks like you guys had a nice New Year’s Eve. Hope 2011 will be a banner year for you. Sorry that 2009 and 2010 were so painful…I am amazed at how deep the heart can love… and how much pain it feels when that love is gone. I hope each day brings new miracles for you, and helps your heart to heal; even though Stephanie took a piece of it with her up to Heaven.

Vicki Happy New Year, Joanna! I enjoyed your picture a day last year and I look forward to seeing them this year. Fireworks are legal to buy in AZ, but every city in the Phoenix Metro banned the use of them except Glendale and Gilbert. I think, though, that you guys live in a county island, which means they were legal to shoot off there. Another great example of our government at work…

Jen I love these, Joanna… and everytime I think of your family I think of Stephanie. I know the loss you feel is something you’ll never get over, but I do continue to pray especially for you and your dad, and her sweet girls, that each day can bring you healing and memories that make you happy instead of bringing more heartbreak. I hope you have a beautiful 2011!

Jill Velicer How wonderful! An awesome way to spend the new year! :)

Rosemary These are great! thank you for sharing. I will have to get a copy.

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