Christmas fun {Sun City, Arizona Children’s Photographer}

Just a few Christmas happenings in the Polling house.

We watched Rudolph. Many MANY times.

We decorated Christmas cookies. Fun, but challenging. Especially with a one year old that wants to eat all the dough.

We threw in a dinosaur Christmas cookie for good measure. Kat loves dinosaurs and I have a feeling she might be getting a few dinosaur toys for Christmas.

We also had a few melt-downs. Mostly while waiting for our cookies to bake. Like I said, baking cookies with a one year old can be challenging.

We hung our Christmas stockings. This was the first year we have done stockings and I got these at Pottery Barn Kids. I love that they are personalized and will be with them until they are adults. I still have my stocking from when I was a kid.

We went to the mall and picked out Christmas Angels. I thought it would be a good lesson for the kids to buy toys for others. When I explained to them that some kids don’t have any presents for Christmas, Kat looked under our empty Christmas tree and said ‘But we don’t have any presents either.’ Which really made me laugh (for the record I am saving all the presents for them until Christmas Eve since I know their curiosity will get the best of them).

And on Sunday we had our Christmas pageant at Kat and Brody’s preschool. Can you find them? Hint: they are the two saddest looking kids in the crowd.

Brody pretty much cried the whole time. This sort of stuff is really out of his comfort zone, but I was happy that he stood up there for at least a few songs before I took mercy on him and brought him back to our seats.

And when he wasn’t crying up there he was either picking or scratching his nose. Nice.

And Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without nightly cups of hot chocolate. Of course Kat and I are pretty much the only two that enjoy this. I’m not sure if she drinks the hot chocolate or just eats the whip cream off the top, but it doesn’t matter – it’s goooood!

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Jen Every single one of these is precious! I LOVE the one with the star cookie-cutter and with the kids making cookies!

Rachel Hudgens Poor lil Brody. Im so glad you rescued him Joanna… thats the tender mama bear in you!! Love the shot of Kat looking through the cutter.

Paula Wike Wonderful pictures! You are a great storyteller, also!

Dennis Bullock Looks like fun to me! :]

Erin LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. Priceless :)

rachael schepemaker oh my gosh, i just laughed so hard. your narrations are perfect. if you have a moment and are willing to comply, can you send me the photo with Taylor in it? I can pay you with whipcream :-) since you like it so much!

Malia OMG Your kids are so cute. Your son reminds me of mine. He cried the whole time when he was young at all the performances. Don’t worry there is hope. He is now 8yrs old and this is his first year he didnt’ cry!! Sorry, you might have to wait a few years…ha ha.

Phoenix, Arizona Children’s Photographer […] On Sunday morning (Mother’s day) we had Kat and Brody’s preschool graduation and their mother’s day program at their school. They are not wearing caps and gowns because they still have one more year of preschool to go. It was so cute to watch them on stage and sing their songs and recite the Lord’s Prayer. I love their school and how much they have learned and grown in the time they have been there. I couldn’t have asked for better teachers or classmates and I’m excited for ¬†what next year brings. Here are some pictures from their program. There was just a few tears at first from Brody, but then he put on a brave face and went with it. Nothing like last time. […]

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