Crossing Paths {Glendale, Arizona Children’s Photographer}

I’m not going to begin this post about yet another beloved neighbor moving away. Or talk about how sad I’m going to be as their moving truck pulls away from their house. Instead I’m going to mention how fortunate I have been to have crossed paths with members of this family for many years of my life. I can’t remember the first time I met Kristi, but I know we were kids. Maybe pre-teens or younger. In my baby book I have her dad listed as a guest that visited me in the hospital when I was born. So I know it started early on. I remember youth groups and Bible studies together. But then I went away to collage, a little school called Manhattan Christian College, and I met a fun and goofy guy named Chris (who would in turn become Kristi’s husband). A year later Kristi was at the same college and we crossed paths again. Then a few years passed, we all moved home, got married, yada yada yada and I ended up working at the same church as Chris. The market boomed, everyone bought houses and guess who ended up right smack next door to each other? Our bedroom windows are probably 20 feet apart. They are so close that if we were still kids we could make telephone cans and talk to each other ;). We’ve heard their dogs bark, they’ve heard our babies cry. Balls have been thrown into each others yards, I’ve borrowed milk at 10:30 at night, they’ve helped me chase our turtle back home. So I know that when they leave for good that it can’t possibly be the last time I see them. The way God has crossed our paths is evident that it will happen again. I’m anxious and curious to see when that will be. In the mean time, I will not cry I will not cry I will not cry when they leave.

My favorite picture of the three of them. Their personality shines through in all their pictures.

Posing families is not the easiest thing to do, and I’ll admit I struggle with this. I rather not have such a ‘posed’ image, but it’s not like you can throw a family out there and just start snapping pictures, expecting them to perform. So I usually start with putting a family in a pose. Then I sit and wait or I keep snapping until someone tells a joke or laughs and then their real personality shows through. In this case I was totally not expecting the ‘twirl and dip’, but I love love love the kids expressions on their faces. I don’t think they were expecting it either ;).

I love the cheek smoosh here.

And I saved this photo for last, but it is the one that makes me laugh the most. Have you ever seen such sad, depressed kids hanging outside an ice cream shop? However, I should mention it was a Sunday afternoon. And if you note the hours listed, well…

You are already missed neighbors :(.

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Dennis Bullock So good Joanna! Love that twirl and dip…way to be there!

Vicki Great photos… love the picket fence! The ice cream shop shot is my fave.

Paula Wike Great pictures, Joanna, and an awesome family!

Jen I love the twirl and dip, too. These are so great! Makes me so sad and I’ll miss them terribly, too!

Erin Maybe it’s because I know them, but these pics are AWESOME! You can see each of their personalities. LOVE the dip picture. Good job.

Tracy Gabbard Adorable as always! :)

Julie These are all great, but that first one is stunning!

Intentionally Katie LOVE these! I, too, love the dip, but I also love the one of Abby on Kristi’s lap. Seriously priceless.

Jill These are so sweet! Love that one of the family lined up by height.

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