BFF {Glendale, Arizona Children’s Photographer}

I thought I would share just a few pictures from my closest friend. I call her girl. Girl is one of my best friends. You know you have a good friend when you can call her on the phone and talk about trivial things – like the latest celebrity gossip, what new item is on sale at Pottery Barn, or what we would do if we won the lottery. And yet still be confident in knowing that she knows your true heart and that you don’t really care about those things. Girl and I have been through many things together. The lose of people we really love, the struggles with infertility, the financial woes of current times (but of course who isn’t going through that right now??). She has seen me get married, graduate from college, have twins and then one. We’ve been to Disneyland, the Bahamas, New York, San Francisco and San Diego together. And as fun as all that traveling was, the farthest we travel now (between the five kids among us) is Costco for lunch. Things have really changed since the day we met, but one thing has stayed constant – our friendship. So it makes me so happy to take these pictures because I know that one day, when our kids are all married with families of their own, we will be sitting over lunch at Costco with our photo albums in hand and reminiscing about ‘back then’. OR we will have won the lottery and be traveling the world. Either way it is nice to know I will always have Girl by my side.

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Laura Shoot girl, why did you have to go and make me all misty eyed?! You gave me a picture frame years ago that had the words “A friendship lasts a lifetime” written on it. I have a photo of us in the snow in Flagstaff inside the frame; we were really young like 19 and 20, and lookin fly. Anyway, ain’t that the truth. A friendship lasts a lifetime; especially one like ours. I love these photos so much! And you are right, we’ll still be sitting at the Costco years from now, eating pizza & sippin on a Coke, complaining that our kids are off to college or married, and they don’t call us often enough! :)

Jill Velicer These are so beautiful. I think you should switch from to . You and the sun have a secret alliance, I do believe.

Lina Oh my goodness, those are amazing! I love lighting in them, so beautiful Seems like you really know your craft, your captures are just stunning. I just love the one of the little boy laying on the grass – how adorable is that!

Julie Beautiful! And how wonderful to have a friend like this and to be able to photograph her family! A wonderful gift!

Vicki Another great shoot, Joanna. They’re all gorgeous, but I especially like the ones of the kids. They’re precious!

Laura You know, these photos captured a moment in time that can never be re-captured. My kids will never be this little again. Photographs like these will be treasured for a lifetime. These are especially great photos because you took such care, precision, and tenderness to make beautiful. So worth every penny! These are magazine quality. Joanna your talent amazes me. :)

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