Neighbors {Glendale, Arizona Children’s Photographer}

I can’t believe I’m doing a second post about another neighbor moving away, and one that we adore so much. AND I have a third post/photo session coming up soon with yet another neighbor that will soon be moving. Ugh, it breaks my heart. We were so lucky to have this cute family as our neighbors for over four years. My twins and their cute little boy are almost exactly the same age. There have been many light saber fights among these kids. And lots of biking riding, basketball playing, and running in the streets. They are great kids with great parents – such a good good family. The kind that you would want as neighbors. I think it’s safe to say that we are all sad to see them go. Although, I know we will see them again. Anyway, I’ll put my box of kleenux away now and share just a few of their pictures.

This progression cracks me up. He starts out a little less-than-pleased to be taking pictures. Then has a good talking to from his mom. Mom says something that is pretty funny. And voila – a smile! Ha ha!

And can you tell what they are spelling here?

Such a sweet girl and great older sister. It’s a lot easier taking pictures of older kids for obvious reasons (i.e. – they don’t run from me!). However, it can be hard to get a genuine smile from them at this age. So it’s great when they have someone (in this case, dad) to bring that real smile out. I was happy to catch that smile of hers below.

Good-bye sweet neighbors :(. We already miss you!

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Vicki Love the 4-pack of non-smiling to sweet smile. Also the b/w profile of sister is so cute. I need to get out the thesaurus so I can find some new adjectives for your work!

Dennis Bullok Love that series with the little guy and his mom!

sophie These are great! Love the variety of poses and locations. Your BW conversions are gorgeous. What a beautiful family!

Laura Very sad when good neighbors leave. I’ve cried in the past over neighbors leaving.

Rosemary I love them!

OHIO is the best.

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