Maid of the Mist, Niagara

Of course while we were in Buffalo we had to visit Niagara Falls. We were told the the Canadian side has a better view, so we went to both sides to check it out. Canada does indeed have the better view. However, New York has the Maid of the Mist tour (Canada also has a similar tour, called the Hornblower). The Maid of the Mist was amazing. It’s only about 15 or maybe 30 min long, but it gets you really close to the falls. So close that you can’t even see anything. It feels like someone is taking a hose and just spraying it straight at you. I know that doesn’t sound too enjoyable, but add the sounds falls and the feel of the boat turning and moving and it creates a really fun experience. My glasses were so fogged up and wet that I couldn’t even see some of the pictures I was taking (hence the blurriness and the random people with tongues out). The best part was when the boat turned around to head back to the dock, a rainbow appeared. I imagine this rainbow is a permanent fixture at Niagara Falls. Definitely, if you go to Niagara you are going to want to take this tour.


And our view as we approached home.

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Paula Wike Love your pictures and blog post?

Vicki LOVE the b/w photo! This is one place I’ve always wanted to visit. Thanks for letting me see it through your lens. You took some awesome photos.

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