I recently returned from a girls trip to Seattle, Washington. A trip away with two of my closest friends. It was my first time in Seattle and for someone born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona it was like visiting another planet. The sun was hidden for most of the time. There was moisture in the air and clouds in the sky. And this watery like substance that constantly drizzled down. It was really beautiful. I loved all the pine trees and green grass. If my kids had been there, they would have loved it. We visited so many places that I have a hard time picking my favorite. A few things I will not forget is watching the salmon swim up-stream and trying to jump out of the water. Drinking a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks – daily. Lots of laughs with my dear friends. Oh, and the lively crowd at Pike Place Market. I could people watch there all day long. Anyway, here are many pictures of things that caught my eye. I can’t wait to visit again.

Love these boys!

The Salmon at Ballard Locks.

My friend Lisa, who lives in Seattle, has three of the sweetest kids. I wanted to get some more pictures of the kids but it was pretty grey and rainy out the majority of the time. And the one time the sun did peek out her little girl, Vallory, was sleeping. So I wasn’t able to get any of her. But in a last ditch effort I took these as we headed to the airport to go home. The sun peeked out just at the last minute and I just snapped away as we drove up to the terminal. Such a sweet little girl!

The view of the Grand Canyon. I complain and gripe about Arizona all the time, but I will admit that this wonder is pretty amazing.

Hope to see you again soon Seattle!


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Vicki Glad you had a great time! All of your photos are good (as usual) but your cityscapes are awesome. They look like postcards or magazine shots. Beautiful!

Paula Wike AWESOME, Little One! You could surely prosper as a commercial photographer! Your market place pics look like photos that would appear in a magazine write-up about Seattle. Awesome!

Dennis Bullock So great Joanna!

Lisa WOW Joanna! You have such a gifted talent for photography. I love the shots you were able to capture of my babies. They are such hams. I will always remember your visit and I am already anxious for you to come back, but this time you HAVE to bring Greg, Kat, Brody & little Quinn. We will have a wonderful time. Can you submit these photos to Seattle Met Magazine? Check out http://www.seattlemet.com — your photos are way better than any they have in that mag. I am serious, girl! I’m keepin’ it real…

Laura You are amazing, Joanna. I love them all. My fav I think is the one of the grapes at the vineyard. Wow. Okay, so maybe my love of wine has something to do with my love for that amazing photograph. Had such a good time with you and Lisa. Too fun.

Laura Wait. Okay, here are my favs: the grapes, the fish in the water, the peppers, the middle photo of Val looking at her shoes, and the B&W of the Space Needle. Those are my favs. :)

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