3rd Place Neighborhood Grill, Arizona

This past Saturday I took a few pictures over at the 3rd Place Neighborhood Grill located in Peoria, AZ. What is the 3rd Place Neighborhood Grill you ask? It’s more than a restaurant, that’s for sure. It is a restaurant with FREE child care. Oh yes. You can dine there with your family. OR, if you want a nice and quiet dinner you can check your kids into the kid area and let them eat and play (because you know that’s what they’d rather do) while you eat in peace. I can’t wait to take my kids there, it is so cool. They have massive TV’s and so so many games. They have an area for the little ones and an area for the bigger ones. And did I mention it’s free? The coolest part is that 10% of all meals and tips will go to social causes and charities. And if that’s not enough, on Sunday’s the restaurant turns into the Salt and Light Community Church. Amazing people doing amazing and brave things with this church/restaurant. Here are a few pictures, some behind the scenes (man, restaurants are cool in the back with all the people hustling and putting together the entrees).

Bottom left is Mrs. Paula Wilson, only the nicest and sweetest person I’ve ever met.

The people that own and work at the 3rd Place Grill are really dedicated people.

Homemade Marshmallows? Um, yes please!

My favorite part – seeing the kitchen. It’s so neat to see what happens behind the scenes. I never thought about all the work that went into bringing me my meal. These people work hard.

The 3rd Place Neighborhood Grill is located at 15814 N. 83rd Ave, Peoria Arizona (Ph 623.334.5000). Right near the Harkins theater and Peoria Sports Complex. Check it out!


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Dennis Bullok Wow! What an awesome place Joanna!

Tiffany I love that you post kid-friendly things to do. A lot of my friends have young ones, so I always like to pass these along!

Jill Velicer Great shots joanna!!!

Jen Great pics! I love 3rd Place!

Laura When I first saw this post, I thought you had won a grill! I was gonna say, that makes two of us then. Neat place. Cool pics. :)

Julia Woah! That looks like such a fun place… you captured it so well!

Niki Hee hee, I see my hubby and me sitting at counter!

Jessica What a cool place…these pictures are making me want to go there!! And I LOVE the idea about free childcare…awesome!

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