Baking Cookies

I love to bake and chocolate chip cookies are one of my favorite things to make. I use the Mrs. Fields recipe and it never disappoints. It makes about 4 dozens cookies so there is always enough to share (if I haven’t eaten all the cookie dough before-hand). I could tell that these cute kids also bake cookies a lot. They had it down to a T! Even the baby who wasn’t even two yet. He knew that in the cookie baking process one must always sneak a chocolate chip or two (or however many that fit into a toddler-sized fist). I wanted to show these images as another option for a family photoshoot. Right now in Arizona it’s not exactly pleasant to go outdoors for a photoshoot (to put it midly). Unless you favor that sweaty, beet-red look. So another option is a lifestyle shoot. A lifestyle photoshoot can be anywhere and involve any activity. It’s more candid and personal because it usually takes place in your home. Although, it doesn’t have to. Here are just some of the lovely Roose family baking cookies in their kitchen.:)

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Jessica What a fun idea…these are SO cute!! You are an amazing lifestyle photographer!!

Intentionally Katie OMG – I absolutely LOVE THESE!!! You captured so much of our personalities in just a handful of shots. Joanna, you are seriously so talented. It hardly seemed like you had any opportunities to take good pictures with us just doing our thing and THIS is the result!?!?

Seriously, love. So impressed.

Sophie Crew I LOVE that you captured such a natural and fun family moment in the kitchen. What perfect memories!

Jen Love these! The last one, especially! :)

Vicki What a great idea! These pictures were great. You are so creative… Of course, I’m not sure my kitchen would ever be clean enough for me to have pictures made in it. haha

Rachael Schepemaker oh my! so cute! again, great job!

Laura Joanna! I love these. What a great photo shoot and great idea for a photo shoot. So cute. All great pics. I especially love the one of the three kids enjoying their cookies! So adorable. Adorable. Adorable. Adorable. And I love their artwork above their cooktop. Nice kitchen.

Paula Wike AWESOME!!! Love these!!

Yana I love how authentic they are. Awesome job!

Julia This absolutely amazing!!! I love it, what a clever idea =)

Jill Velicer I love the chairs pulled up to the island! And the special chocolate chip jar! These are SO fun. Lifestyle photography is such a beautiful window into life.

Laura You could take pictures of the phonebook and they would be good; that’s how good you are. Just sayin.

Dennis Bullock This is so great!

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