Kat’s request

Last night before my daughter Kat went to bed, she asked me to take a picture of her rocking her dinosaurs to sleep. I told her I would do it tomorrow thinking she’d probably forget. But sure enough the first thing she requested when she woke up was her picture with her dinosaur family. I was happy to oblige, it’s not often that she wants me to take her picture. She loves dinosaurs more than any other doll or toy out there and can identify them better than I can even pronounce the names. If you have a child who loves dinosaurs, I really recommend this. Kat got this as a gift for Christmas and it has been the most played with toy we own (other than Brody’s Star Wars but that’s a whole ‘nother post). Here are a few pictures of Kat with her ‘family’.

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Heather Allen Jackson, my 4 yo, LOVES dinos too. He knows all their names, attributes, eating habits, etc. He watches “dinosaur train” regularly and just loves ANYthing dino!
It’s amazing their little mouths pronouncing those big ‘ol names!

Vicki Having witnessed first hand Kat’s affection for her dinos, I have to say I love these photos!

Suzzane Brown OMG that is so precious.. the story behind the photos makes these wonderful memories even better, just the fact that she really really wanted her mama to take photos of her rocking her own babies to sleep.. so sweet :)

Jill Velicer Photography Maybe she’ll be a paleontologist when she grows up. :) She’s adorable. And I see baby Quinn back there too!

Jessica Ditto Suzy…what a precious moment to capture!!! She is adorable!

Julia Aw! That is so sweet, Love it =)

Sean lovely collection, she will definitely love these pictures when she grew up.

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