Northern California

This past weekend I spent a little vacation in Northern California with my friends Jenny and Jill. It is so beautiful there, especially coming from a place like Arizona where everything is dry and brown. I wasn’t there long, but it was enough time to take in the scenery at the Redwoods, the coast, San Francisco and a few other parks. Really, every place over there is beautiful. Just driving down the freeway was scenic enough for me. Here are a few ‘scenes’ from my stay there.


The redwoods. So beautiful and serene.


The beach. Really cold, windy and different from the beaches in San Diego. But more beautiful.


The host(ess). We stayed at my friend Jenny’s house and it really felt more like a bed and breakfast it was so nice. Her sons are masters on the ipad (I don’t even know how to use one) and her dog, Gertie, is so sweet I almost put her in my suitcase to come home.


Foothills Park. All I’m going to say about this park is that you would never see something like this in Arizona. I would love to jog in a park like this.


San Francisco. I love this city – I used to want to move there and live in the Full House home when I was younger. We took the cutest city tour called Mr. Toad’s Tours. It was an old jalopy that went around the city while sharing some history.


The Golden Gate Bridge. Our last stop of the day. My palms sweat when I look at this bridge. It fascinates me that something this big and man made can exist.


Back to Phoenix. Where I can’t wait to embrace my kids.

In six more weeks I will be back in California, but this time it will be the southern part. I’m glad I get to experience both the northern and southern ends this summer. It was a great trip and I can’t wait to go back :).

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Jill Velicer oh man, Joanna! your images are STUNNING. You certainly can photograph anything! lol

Jenny AWWW! LOVE ALL the pictures and I’m so happy that you came to stay with me and let me show you Northern California! What a whirlwind trip but so much fun! :)

Clarice Love the landscape images. Very beautiful!

Vicki Wow. What great pictures. I thought you put the best at the top with the redwoods (I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see them in person!), but as I scrolled through I was blown away by the ocean scene, the street view(loved the manhole in the forefront), the tunnel, and the tip of the bridge by the building. Wow. Can’t think of anything more complimentary to say than that. Wow…

Rachel Ahhhh……Home. So glad you could go Joanna. Your photos capture Nor Cal’s beauty. Would love to hear about your trip.

Emily Abril Gorgeous. Trip seemed fabulous!

Suzzane Brown wow these are beautiful! thanks for sharing your adventures in cali with us, glad to have you home :) (and I agree, would LOVE to have some gorgeous scenery like that here in Chicago! those lucky californians..)

Julia Amazing! It really makes me miss home!!!

Jessica What beautiful images, Joanna!!! Looks like you had an awesome trip!!!

Amber WOw. LOVE these!!

Dennis Bullock These are so great Joanna! Love the airy feel of the landscapes!

Rachael Schepemaker your photos are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

becky thomas This pictures are wonderful – thanks for sharing them!

Anna oh I just LOVE those landscape shots!!! It’s something close to my heart – capturing the beauty all around us and you have done such a beautiful job of it!!

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