Today I felt the need to torture myself and get the kids some balloons. I say ‘torture’ because that’s what they are. A helium filled device used to make my kids fight and cry over. Not to mention the constant retrieving needed when said balloon is ‘accidently’ released and floats away to the second floor of our home. BUT, like I said, I like to torture myself and I bought them anyway. Mainly because they make for great pictures. In this case these are not your typical balloons. So they were bigger and harder to hold onto. This time I was smart and tied the balloon to their belt loops so we wouldn’t lose them. This little photo shoot I did with the kids lasted about 20 minutes, I made sure to do it quick. The balloons lasted about 35 minutes. When we got home Brody, in all his boy-ness glory, decided it would be fun to pop his balloon as well as his sister’s. It was fun while it lasted.

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Jill Love them!!! And I love your new header!!!

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