Playing in the light

The kids were playing outside the other day and I thought the light was pretty so I snapped a few pictures. I think if you can find great light you could take a fabulous picture, no matter what kind of camera you use. Which doesn’t say much for my expensive camera – ha ha.

But as quickly as the beautiful light comes, it’s quickly gone. So I put my camera away once the sun went behind the houses and the kids and I raced up and down the side walk. I let them beat me a few times until I thought a little healthy losing would do them some good. So I put a little speed in my step and made it to the finish line before them. Which didn’t end well.

Let’s just say we need to work on not being a sore loser.

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Vicki Love the picture of Brody! That is a keeper for sure. It’s not often that you catch a little boy’s introspective side.

Paula Wilson Great post! Phenomenal photos, too. But what I had to comment on was your “sore loser” comment. We definitely had to do “sore loser” therapy with Russell. His first loss to a cousin didn’t go well either. :) Learned it with him when he was about 4 & started working right away. Of course, we had learned our lesson & didn’t do the same for the other kiddos. ha! LOVE BEING A PARENT!! 😛

Paula Wike Awesome!

Megan These are so gorgeous and would look great together on a wall. So peaceful.

Ellie Dillon You are becoming quite the professional Joanna. The expression you captured on Brody’s face is awesome!!

Dennis Bullok That is some amazing light!

Heather Allen Joanna, you are SO right about lighting. I am currently researching some books to help me out in this area. If you don’t mind me asking, which lens were you using?

Joanna Polling Heather – I use the 50mm 1.4 and a 24-70L. But for these shots I used the 50mm. Hope you are enjoying your Nikon!

Jill Velicer These are so beautiful. Is that Kat’s BFF? :)

JodyM Oh wow. Just LOVE these ones!

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