Photographers kids

Most of the kids I photograph are really cooperative for me. I mean, they are kids and are a bit antsy. But for the most part, they listen really well.

They smile for me. They give me serious poses.

They’re sweet and innocent looking with cute little grins.

They laugh even when they really just want to get the pictures done.

They’re just plain adorable.

Then there’s my kids.

They run from me. Or dance around so fast I can’t get them in focus.

They give me strange poses that look like they are howling at the moon.

And then there is this little gem. The full on tantrum. They’re a real joy to photograph – let me tell you. I’m not even sure why I bother…

Except that every once in awhile I get something like this. And it warms my heart.

A little twin loving just a few days before their 4th birthday. Of course there are technical things wrong with it, but I don’t care, I’ll take what I can get. And I think next time around I think I’ll just hire someone else to take their picture.

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Erin Elizabeth SO TRUE!! I call it ‘photographer’s child syndrome’. I often wonder why I bother, but then you get that one shot that makes it all worth it. Beautiful work!

Tracy Gabbard LOVE IT! :)

Vicki hahaha, great post! I’m probably biased, but I enjoyed the pictures of your kids the best… love the top one of Brody. Four?! Already?! Oh my gosh, Joanna, where has the time gone?

Paula Wike Adorable kids! I’m with Vicki – can’t believe K and B are going to be 4. At Christmas we were talking about Kat’s jean size and you reminded me she’d be 4 and I was thinking “no way!” Time marches on – gone are my baby grand babies. Now they are adorable little people! Quinn will look at her wailing pictures in about ten years and swear you were pinching her! :?)

Laura Girl, the pics of your hounds made me laugh out loud!!! Especially that one of Quinn crying! Those are the BEST! LOL!

rosemary crellin I love them. And I love you kids, and there personalities. Glad we get to be neighbors and friends.

Rachael Schepemaker love this post! what is the shiny floor that your kids are standing/sitting on?

Stephanie Bradley Howling at the moon huh???? This blog was hilarious! Anticipation of what pic I would scroll down next to. With each finger swipe on the mouse I see yet another pic that makes me laugh. The one of Kat is just downright comical, either that or it’s your comment above it.

Jill Velicer this is soooo awesome!! You’re really amazing!

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