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These three little guys caught me by surprise when I first met them. I have twins who were born 5 weeks early, so I fully expected these little guys to be on the small side. And to be behind in milestones (as mine were). But when I met them there they were sitting up with […]

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Pros and Cons of summer

Cons: 110 degree days that keep us inside all day long. Pros: having an excuse to eat ice cream cones all day long.

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This is Sunny, totally cute and adorable and came with a fan club of four. Mom, grandma, grandpa and great-grandma. Together we got a generation shot of the girls. I especially took a great liking to great-grandma. Not just because she had a name very similar to mine, but just that she was so cute […]

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Perfect, cute, unexpected, happy, temperamental and wonderfully made little Quinn.

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Today I felt the need to torture myself and get the kids some balloons. I say ‘torture’ because that’s what they are. A helium filled device used to make my kids fight and cry over. Not to mention the constant retrieving needed when said balloon is ‘accidently’ released and floats away to the second floor […]

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