Christmas Sessions 2017

Here are a few favorites of mine from the past few months. I tried to pick just one favorite from each Christmas session (and a senior sessnion) I photographed this year. As I look at these, I can see it’s apparent that I love photographing children. There is no other subject that is unabashed, honest, and genuine. And I just love that. I do love the adults too, but they intimated me a little more. Unless they possess a little bit of child inside. Oh, and dogs. I love photographing dogs. And can we start adding horses to every session?


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Newborn love

One of my favorite families to photograph just grew by one. This little warrior is already a fighter. She is one lucky girl who is surrounded by so much love and I look forward to watching her grow.

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Arizona Summer


Hello old blog friend,

Once again I have neglected you. Not much has happened, except the usually life stuff. Ideally I should explain and give a description on each picture, but it’s taken me long enough to even upload the pictures that this will just have to do. Summer is coming to an end and I couldn’t be happier. My favorite season is coming up. I promise to visit more often with warm Christmas photos.

Until then, here is a cool recap of one of my favorite trips featured on WowShack Indonesia.



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Summer camp 2017_UCYC

We just finished our second year of church camp for my soon to be 5th graders at UCYC. And much like childbirth, I forgot how hard the days can be at camp when you are 30+ years older than your campers. But the rewards and memories erase the aching back and sleepless nights, because my kids keep talking about how much fun they had. And we just got home today. I know that years down the road they will always remember the friends and decisions they made at camp. UCYC is such a great place with an incredible staff, it is where I went to camp as a child, and I’m so happy that my kids get to experience it as well.


At UCYC they keep the boys and girls camp separate. All the activities are the same, so not much is different, other than the sweaty smell of boys. Here are a few photos from the boys camp.



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Underwater Arizona

I love summer because it is a chance to break out my underwater bag and get some fun pictures, without dying in the 110 degree heat. The kids love it, the dog not so much.

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